Daydream Primer and Dawn Patrol Primer have been discontinued.

We have incredibly high standards and continually evaluate them to pursue the cleanest products on the market. We sometimes have to refresh or say goodbye to some of our older formulas in doing so.

The COOLA Daydream Primer and Dawn Patrol Primer were among the only products left in our collection that were not organic. They also contained silicone that is now on our COOLA restricted-ingredients list.

At this time, we do not have another primer in our collection. However, many of our products have priming benefits, such as our Mineral Sun Silk Moisturizer SPF 30 or our Mineral Sun Silk Creme SPF 30. The Moisturizer is excellent for combination or dry skin, while the Creme is suitable for someone with oily skin. 

If you still have questions, please click here and send us an email. One of our COOLA experts will happily recommend products from our collection based on your needs and skin type.




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  • jae lynn lawrence

    This is such a shame. I am a makeup artist who also worked at Sephora for years and this is the hands-down BEST makeup primer for the beach or in high humidity. My makeup lasted all day and didn't move after going underwater! how could you discontinue this product?? With no replacement in the same category.Such an incredible shame & makes me really sad. I would have stocked up had I known y'all were discontinuing it. These types of primers that have SPF and work in water situations/sweat situations are so amazing and I can't express my disappointment more. So Sad! I understand you want to be all organic and that is great but this was a water resistant primer with SPF perfect for the beach. Now idk what I'm going to use. 


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