A Green Return doesn't require you to send a product back. 

Returning products you ordered online can be a real hassle. Typically, companies require you to package everything up, slap a return label on it, get it to a shipper, and then send it back. Some companies even require you to pay for the postage yourself! 

COOLA is different. Because of our commitment to the environment and our customers, eligible COOLA customers and product returns may qualify for a Green Return.

If your order qualifies for a Green Return, you don't have to send your product back. In fact, we encourage you to pass it along to a family member or friend who may enjoy the benefits of the COOLA product. 

You'll still receive full credit for the return that you can use on COOLA.com to find your perfect replacement product.

For more information about our Green Returns and whether you qualify, contact us





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