Can I redeem my points using Shopify Pay?

Screen_Shot_2021-05-06_at_11.51.20_AM.pngYes! You can redeem your points and use Shopify Pay.

Are you anxious to use your COOLA Rewards Points to purchase your favorite COOLA products? If so, I don't blame you. We formulated every COOLA product for you and the other people all over the world who want to enjoy a more beautiful healthy. 

Here's how to redeem your points using Shopify Pay: 

1. Click Apply Balance.



2. Select Shopify Pay as your payment method during checkout.



3. The reward discount should show up as a line item.


If you are logged into your Rewards account and the Apply Balance button is not showing in your cart, you may already be logged in to Shopify Pay. Log out and clear your cookies before completing your COOLA purchase.


What is Shopify Pay?

Shopify Pay is a secure payment method offered by Shopify. During a past purchase from or another retailer, you may have opted into Shopify Pay to make future checkouts faster. 



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