The easiest way to use your points is by going to the rewards page and redeeming for a coupon code or a product. 

To get to your rewards page from the COOLA home page, click New & Featured > COOLA Club Rewards.



Then, scroll down to see how many points you have and what you are eligible to redeem. Choose a coupon code or available product. 






You can also find your coupons at the checkout. If you are logged in to your COOLA account, when ready to pay, go to the checkout page and use the drop-down menu to choose the number of points that you want to use.

Your cart needs to have a minimum value of $20, and you will have to spend $10 minimum to redeem your points. Only one product can be redeemed at a time. 


  • Get $10.00 off your next purchase of $20.00 for 100 points
  • Get $20.00 off your next purchase of $30.00 for 200 points
  • Get $30.00 off your next purchase of $40.00 for 300 points
  • Get $40.00 off your next purchase of $50.00 for 400 points

Here is what it will look like on your screen:



Remember, a minimum purchase of $20 is required to redeem points.



My screen looks different and I am unable to redeem my points. What should I do?
If you are logged into your Rewards account and the points drop-down menu is not showing at checkout it is likely that you are logged into Shopify Pay. To redeem your points, look for the "checkout as guest" and click it. This should take you back to the page where you will see the apply box as above.






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