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Please let us know you couldn't find your answer!

We're always working to improve the answers we provide through our COOLA experts and Answer Center. Our goal is to get you a solution to your question as fast as possible.

First, contact a live expert by CLICKING HERE so we can quickly resolve your issue.



If you're left without an answer after searching our content, please click on the "Thumbs Down" icon at the bottom of each article. We'll receive your feedback and make sure the answer is there for the next customer who looking for the same information. 



You're given the same opportunity to rate the quality of the information provided by one of our live COOLA experts. 24 hours after speaking to one of our agents, you'll receive an email asking how we did. If we weren't able to answer a question to your satisfaction, click the "Thumbs Down" icon in the email and tell us why. Of course, we also love positive reinforcement! If we did great, let us know by clicking on the "Thumbs Up" icon!



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